October 2022

22-23 CPAC Member Photo

October 13, 2022

Attendance: Angela Brown, Alicia Miller, Cheryl Birkenhaur, Amy Newsome (UPAC), Carly Collins, Cheryl Chafin, Tonya Moryl, Amy Moore, and Jennifer Fox

Absent: Thyra Sens, Juanita Schrodt, and Bonnie Crabtree

HR - Dawn Fahner

*CPAC pictures were taken both inside and out of Nellie Craig Walker Hall prior to the start of the meeting.

Call or Order

Official meeting called to order at 8:44 am by Angela Brown

Human Resources Update - Dawn Fahner, Associate Vice President of Human Resources

  • There was a UPAC meeting earlier in the morning.
  • We are in the midst of Open Enrollment 10/10 – 10/31; HR will send reminder emails; the HR webpage has info on it also; also a letter mailed to
  • Benefit fair today
  • Oxford last week
  • COVID Booster – today
  • COVID and Flu vaccine – check calendar (think October 26)
  • Flu by the end of October for flu
  • Regionals will also have access to Biometrics and other events
  • Mike Arnos – satellite office of faculty staff only times or students number are low; more info to come
  • Healthy Miami Discount – November 15 to earn a discount for 2023.
  • Newly hired with us – hire date of later than July 1, will automatically be enrolled but will not need to complete for 2024
  • Biometrics through mid-November
  • Mental Health Task Force – Jayne Brownell and Brooke Flinders – co-chaired; student section; 3 sub-committees – had one meeting. Just collecting data at this time to be more informed about recommendations
  • Dawn will try to get Amy added.

Approval of Last Meeting Minutes-Additions or Corrections-Approval 1st and 2nd

  • Absent – Amy Moore
  • Check for misspelling
  • BannerWeb not Banner from Dawn
  • Tonya – First, Cheryl Chafin -Second

Subcommittee Updates

  • Benefits – Jennifer Fox – nothing; meeting in Nov/Dec
  • Campus Planning – Bonnie Crabtree
  • Classified Staff Compensation – Tonya Moryl & Dawn Fahner - met yesterday and reviewed job audits; Dawn's electronic version is now Formstack; then it goes to the Supervisor; lot more job audits since the discussion and announcements. If a lot comes from one department HR will talk to the department (i.e., EHS)
  • Council on Diversity & Inclusion (CODI) – Juanita Schrodt
  • Fiscal Priorities – Alicia Miller – continuing meeting with Deans and other Administrators, Co-Chairs - Brooke and Melissa presented at Senate) on Monday
  • Hamilton & Middletown Campus Regional – Tonya Moryl – nothing but working
  • University Senate – Cheryl Chafin – mostly covered in this meeting; Michael Crowder reported on Grad School monies from grad degrees; Mental Health of students causing GPA to drop (just a theory)
  • UPAC Liaison – Angie Brown and Amy Brown – updating the UPAC website, digital IDs

Coffee and Connect

Coffee & Connect Idea – Mike Arnos, Rec Center – November 16, 2022


Facebook – try to get Carly added as admin for CPAC

Hiring Concerns/Issues

Discussion about lack of applications and trouble hiring; seems to be University-wide and nationwide; a lot left for remote positions. Lots of folks leaving. Younger folks want flexibility.

Job Enrichment

Retire/rehire – Job Enrichment issues; Dawn Fahner will look into it.

Google Chat

Jennifer creating Google Chat for CPAC members.

CPAC Conference

Would like to start planning in November. Please have some ideas as to what you think would make a great conference for classified staff - Protecting yourself – Self Care – Self Defense Cyber Security CPR training – afternoon session; How to Stay Engaged working from home

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be November 10, 2022. (Meetings are to be the Thursday after the UPAC meeting unless there is a conflict.)

The meeting adjourned at 10:034 a.m. by Angela Brown.