CPAC Meeting Minutes September 2018

September 13, 2018

In Attendance:

Melissa Allen - Chair, Pamela Hogeback - Vice Chair, Emma Lester - Secretary, CPAC Members: Fab Bohon, Amy Corrington, Laura Desmond Cathy Edwards, Richard, Kiefer, Penny Mannix, Elizabeth Maurer, Debbie Smith, Alicia Miller - New Member, Sheila Williams - New Member, Marla Niebling - Ex-Officio, Shannon Schweitzer - Ex-Officio, Pat Powers - UPAC Member Absent: None

Welcome & Announcements:

Welcome and thank you to Melissa and Pat for brining donuts.

New Member Introduction:

Alicia Miller works in Center for Teaching Excellence and has been at Miami for 12 years!

Sheila Williams previously served on CPAC briefly, then went to the Hamilton Campus and is excited to begin again.

HR Updates (Marla):

  • All HR previously discussed HR positions are filled. New HR positions that are posted or will be posted are:
    • HR Generalists in Employee Labor Relations
    • HR Generalist in Benefits
    • Personnel Technician (front desk)
  • Wendy is no longer in Payroll Alicia Gibson is the new Jaz.
  • HR is Working hard to replace the HireTouch system.
    • It has been narrowed down to 3 vendors and it will be approximately 8-10 months for full the system they choose to be fully operational.
  • A tentative agreement with the FOP has been reached.
  • Has not heard anything about premium changes at this time.

Subcommittee Information:

  • Benefits - Amy Corrington: Nothing to report University Senate
  • Elizabeth Mauer: Had their first meeting and went over general information.
  • Classified Staff Compensation - Rich Kiefer: Nothing to report, no recent meetings.
  • Council on Diversity & Inclusion - Laura Desmond: Ron Scott is the new council leader.
  • I AM MIAMI - Debbie Smith: Nothing to report, no recent meetings.
  • Fiscal Priorities - Melissa Allen: Committee met with President Crawford and Provost Callahan. President Crawford inclined that the 2020 has reached a completion and they would be moving toward a new strategic plan for the future. Also Melissa wanted to mention that Pearson is coming along beautifully.
  • Campus Climate Survey - Cathy Edwards: Nothing to report, no recent meetings.
  • Parking and Transportation - Fab Bohon: Was notified this week that they would have meetings on the third Tuesday of every month at noon (lunch will be provided). Depending on if the meeting time can be changed or not Fab may have to step down.
  • CPAC/UPAC Swap - Debbie Smith: Pat expressed his want to be involved more than just sitting in on the meetings. Dr. Scott and Denise Krallman did a presentation on the main takeaways from the climate survey. There are 9 copies on the Miami Campus and copies on the regionals as well. Andrea Baker is taking Denise’s position.

Coffee and Connect - Strengthsfinder with Courtney Wallace:

  • All agreed an RSVP should be required in order to attend.  People would take the test and bring their results to the Coffee and Connect to go over. We have 137 codes.
  • We discussed also doing this at one or more of the regional campuses.
    Melissa is going to check with Courtney to see availability.
  • Discussed having this in October.

Coffee and Connect - Budgeting with Vicka Bell-Robinson:

  • All agreed an RSVP should be required in order to attend.
  • Dave Ramsey style budget talk.
  • Will be a full hour.
  • Discussed having this in November.

Benefits Fair

The Benefits Fair is scheduled for the following dates:

  • October 2 - Oxford Campus
  • October 3 - Hamilton and Middletown Campus
    • Sheila Williams volunteered to work both the Hamilton and Middletown Benefits Fairs.
  • We worked on 3 of the Benefits Fair Baskets, we have another 2 (possibly 3) left to make.

Closing Comments:

Emma Lester was nominated as Secretary.

Meeting Adjourned: Next meeting October 11th at 8:30 am Shriver Center - Harrison Room