September 2020

September 10, 2020

In Attendance:

Gail King – Chair
Emily Dreisbach – Vice Chair
Thyra Sens - Secretary

Alicia Miller, Cheryl Birkenhauer, Laura Desmond, Dana Miller Carlson, Candace Taylor, Emma Lester, Marla Niebling, Penny Maddix, Angela Coffey, Jennifer Hicks, and Lauran Franklin.

Dawn Fahner was introduced and reported on the current policy changes in regards to Layoff and Bumping Procedures, as to better align the organizational structure. Reginal campuses will be combined in the updated policy. There will be no bumping out of jurisdiction, employee will bump to an equivalent or lower position. As of now Dawn did not foresee any layoffs. The question was asked “are we in a better position with the students returning to campus?” Dawn replied yes but that could change at any time. Dawn left the meeting at 8:42.

Cassie Wilson was welcomed to the meeting. Questions were asked in regards to student testing for covid-19, how are they tested, and how accurate are the results. Cassie reported that all testing was done by Tri-Health. Students have been directed to Millett for temperature readings and testing prior to move-in. There is a 24hour turn around for results. There is random testing of staff that work in greater interaction areas: Custodial, Dining, etc. Any staff that is symptomatic can be tested at the Miami Clinic. There is also random Student testing, there are isolation and care spaces provided for anyone testing positive.  Student life is working on providing services and care. Students sign a pledge prior to move in that requires testing unless there is an underlying circumstance.

Cassie updated us with any resources available, she also discussed the changes in cancer screenings for the healthcare premium discount. They will be waived this year, however if you do have the screening they will be uploaded into your account. The deadline for Premium Discount screenings has been extended thru December 31st. Biometric Screening is available at the Heath Center and has been scheduled to accommodate social distancing. The Reginal Campuses have four Biometric screenings available as well as Flu shots. Mobile Mammogram is still running, tobacco coaching classes are available on line. Save the Date for Open Enrollment which starts October 8th, there will be an interactive fair with all vendors and resources being virtual. Any changes to the existing plan will be communicated during open enrollment. Employees will still receive a brochure with any changes highlighted. The open gym at Phillips is closed at this time due to staffing and safety reasons. The Kinesiology department may look into reopening if possible. Monday Meditation is available at 10:00am Monday Mornings, and Wednesday Morning desk stretch at 10:00am Wednesday mornings. Both Virtually with Cassie. Fitness for life is offering links for virtual fitness. There is also a Virtual Hike a Thon. Track minutes to win prizes, this is running thru October. Cassie left the meeting at 9:21am.

Gail called the meeting to order, Alicia and Angie approved the minutes.

Emma volunteered to do a flyer for Facebook to introduce new members. Please send a picture in mask to Alicia Miller and she will get to Emma.

The University Senate approved the current policy change. The next meeting is being held 9/14 at 3:30pm.

Human Resources has a working station located in Millett Hall, and also in Roudebush. Human Resources is operating by appointment only and has a rotating staff.

Some concerns with the Campus Clear application were brought up, if the system is not working please contact supervisor and Human Resources with symptoms. Electronic absence reporting is to be used for unplanned absences when working on campus.

Different options for the Holiday Project were discussed. Hopes Closet, Amazon Wish List, and Meijer were mentioned as alternatives. Gail is going to reach out to Anita for some help.

Coffee and Connect. Emily suggested that we continue with a wellness theme. Inviting someone from Tri-Health to discuss testing methods and how they work.

Lauren will be checking into the Benefits Fair to see what we are able to do.

Angie made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Alicia seconded.

Next meeting will be 10/1/2020 at 8:30am