Inclusive Teaching: Creating a Faculty Development Resource

Eligibility: Full/part-time teaching faculty/instructors, librarians, staff, and graduate students

Amount: Each participant will receive $500 in professional development funds.

Submission: Online Application

Deadline: May 12, 2023

Purpose and Description

This FLC will create faculty development resources/training designed to increase inclusive teaching practices at Miami.  We will start by reviewing ACUE’s toolkit of inclusive practices and ask how we can apply similar concepts to the particular context of Miami’s classrooms.  The group will then design and produce resources to help other faculty members incorporate inclusive practices in their classrooms.  The focus of this FLC will be on classroom teaching and student learning in our courses.  


Members will:

  • Activity/task 1 :  Develop materials - write narratives, produce videos, identify good videos externally available - to describe what inclusive teaching looks like at Miami and how to implement it in a classroom.
  • Activity/task 2:  Put materials together in a form that can be used for faculty training (a Canvas course?)


  • William Attwood-Charles, Sociology & Gerontology 
  • Lizzy Compton, Statistics
  • Janice Kinghorn, Economics; Co-facilitator
  • Irena Kola, American Culture & English Program; Co-facilitator
  • Josselyn Marroquin Roca, Graduate Student
  • Ayako Reiff, German, Russian, Asian & Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
  • Carolyn Slotten, Family Science & Social Work
  • Katie Stahlhut, Graduate Student
  • Sara Webb-Sunderhaus, English