Teaching International Students

Miami University's international student population has doubled in size within the past four years and will continue to grow, making understanding this population's unique needs, experiences, and perspectives increasingly important. In this workshop, the presenters will begin by providing a brief overview of the variety of cultural and educational backgrounds of our international students and information on the future of this population on campus. With a current enrollment of over 1,100, the vast majority of international students at Miami are from East and Southeast Asia. While this trend is likely to continue for some time, Brazil and countries in the Middle East are emerging as new markets for international student recruitment.

The second part of the workshop will focus on pedagogical strategies and best practices for teaching international students. From how assignments are framed to how international students experience the classroom in the U.S., participants will gain a broad understanding of how best to facilitate learning for international students and the resources available to aid instructors and students.

The final portion of the workshop will highlight the international student perspective on academic integrity in U.S. institutions: how this may differ from that of domestic students, where students gain their knowledge about academic integrity at Miami, the types of academic dishonesty cases occurring for international students at Miami, and how to work with international students around issues of academic integrity.

Presented by Amy Cockrell, International Education; Katie Gibson, University Libraries; Lucy Manley, International Programs Specialist and Brenda R. Quaye, Coordinator for Academic Integrity

Amy Cockrell, International Student Advisor, joined Miami University in July 2012. She is responsible for advising international students and scholars, providing counsel regarding immigration, academic, cultural, or personal issues. She supports university retention efforts by working with international students identified as at-risk academically through the First Year and Second Year Interventions.

Katie Gibson, Humanities Librarian, has coordinated the Libraries' Outreach Cluster since 2008. The cluster is charged with increasing the awareness of services provided by the university libraries to external clients. This includes the development of new programs to support international students.

Lucy Manley, International Programs Specialist and ESL Instructor, joined Miami University in September 2010. At the Howe Writing Center, she is responsible for academic programming for international students and training Howe consultants to work with Miami?s international population. In the English Department, Lucy teaches first-year composition for international students.

Brenda R. Quaye, Coordinator for Academic Integrity, joined Miami University in August 2012. She is responsible for providing faculty development and student education around issues of academic integrity as well as maintaining academic integrity records and consulting on policy questions and review.

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