What Professors Can Learn About Their Students and Themselves as Teachers When They Innovate in Their Teaching

Learning in higher education is viewed as a unidirectional process occurring in classroom settings, where students learn from professors. Recent studies have shown that just as students learn as they engage in their college experience, professors may also learn from the multiple contexts of their professional and personal lives. This session will present the results of a case study that explores what professors can learn about their students and themselves as teachers when they engage in implementing innovations in their teaching.

Anabella Martinez has an M.A in Student Personnel Administration and an Ed.D. in Higher and Postsecondary Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a B.A. In Psychology from Universidad del Norte. Currently she is Assistant professor, Department of Education, at Universidad del Norte and Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching. Her professional experience is in the implementation of academic support programs and services for students and professors. Her research interests include the learning of research for undergraduate students and scholarly learning for professors, specifically in regard to learning within teaching.

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