Which Web Conferencing Tool is for Me?

Whether you're teaching online or holding an online meeting, the inevitable question is, which tool do I use? This seminar will cover a variety of use cases and discuss the possible tools that can be used. Included in the comparisons will be WebEx, Google Hangout, and Skype. Participants are invited to meet in 318 Laws Hall for 30 minutes following the seminar to explore the tools in a more hands-on environment.

Presented by Matthew Evins, CELTUA Faculty Teaching Associate, Advanced Learning Technologies

Matthew Evins, CELTUA Faculty Teaching Associate, Advanced Learning Technologies. Matthew is an Instructional Design & Technology Specialist in Advanced Learning Technologies. His specialties include social media in the classroom and integrating technology into face-to-face environments. Matthew coordinates and provides trainings to faculty & staff on topics such as Niihka, Wordpress, and as a Google Certified Trainer, Google Apps. He is actively involved in the Lilly Conference series on College & University Teaching and the Instructional Technology Council. His expertise stems from experiences in both university and community college settings as well as partnerships with other institutions.

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