A Conversation About Inclusion

Original Lilly Conference, 2016 Plenary Presentation

Kathryn M. Plank, Center for Teaching and Learning, Otterbein University

As teachers and scholars, we strive to create an inclusive environment in which students can learn and to create an academic community that nurtures growth. And yet every day in the news we hear voices of students (and others) talking about their experiences with bias and inequity in higher education. How can we reconcile our good intentions with the harsh realities that these voices describe? This isn't a session about blame or guilt, but rather an opportunity to 1) explore our own individual narratives of inclusion and exclusion, 2) understand how others experience things that may seem trivial or even completely invisible to us, and 3) see how we as individuals can help disrupt the dominant narrative and make our classes and campuses more inclusive for all.

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