Chinese Name Pronounciation

This workshop will help faculty connect with international students through the crucial first step of addressing them correctly. Participants will leave this one-hour session able to comfortably pronounce the Chinese names they encounter on their class rosters, and to correctly address individuals from China.

Presented by Chen Zhao, Confucius Institute

Chen Zhao currently serves as the Director of the Confucius Institute at Miami University. She earned a bachelor's degree in history with a concentration in cultural anthropology from Beijing Normal University. Before coming to the United States, Zhao was Deputy Director of the Editorial Board of the Cultural Palace of Nationalities in Beijing-China's national anthropological museum. She has since earned master's degrees in anthropology/museum study and in systems analysis in the US, and has worked as a systems analyst for a corporation and in IT at Miami. She has taught at the Information System Analytics department, worked as a divisional advisor and the Coordinator of the Higgin Kim Asia Business Program and took Miami students to China in different summer programs at Farmer Business School.

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