Service-Learning Basics

The Center for Teaching Excellence presents a Seminar by Christie Zwahlen and Jessie Weasner, Office of Community Engagement and Service

What is Service-Learning (SL), and how can it be incorporated into a new or existing class? What is the process for getting a class SL-designated? This session on Service-Learning Basics will provide answers to these questions and more, including an introduction to the pedagogy’s theoretical roots, guiding concepts and practices, sample syllabi, and an outline of the SL Designation process. Ample time will be left for participants’ questions and discussion.

Christie Zwahlen is the Director in the Office of Community Engagement and Service. Previously, she was Acting Director at Binghamton University’s Center for Civic Engagement, where she spent 5+ years developing and expanding community engagement opportunities for faculty, staff, and students. Zwahlen has worked closely with faculty from all disciplines, but she is especially interested in Arts, Humanities, and design projects with a public focus. She is available to meet one-on-one with faculty to develop community-based projects and classes and to advise on the Service-Learning designation process.

Jessie Weasner is the Assistant Director in the Office of Community Engagement and Service. Jessie coordinates civic engagement and social justice programming and provides support to Service-Learning initiatives. She works with students, faculty/staff, and community members to ensure that mutually beneficial partnerships are developed and maintained. Jessie previously directed the Winter Term In-Service program at DePauw University, a global service immersion program. Jessie is currently pursuing her PhD in Student Affairs and Higher Education at Miami University, focusing on Service-Learning and civic engagement.

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