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Miami Online Digest: Gamification in Higher Education
The meaning of gamification itself is somewhat contentious, and variants abound. It could refer to the game-based learning associated with James Gee or the more general gamification used to describe nearly any use of a badge or other game-based element. It extends to things like gameful design or gameful pedagogy. There's no shortage of nuanced ideas as to the best application of these concepts.
Miami Online Digest: Artificial Intelligence in Education
Rarely a day goes by that does not bring some news about Artificial Intelligence (AI). While it can seem that this is an entirely new field for exploration as to how it might impact education, the research into those possibilities and limitations has been going on for decades.
Miami Online Digest: Extended Reality (XR) in the Classroom
One topic that always elicits interest is the array of possibilities offered by the technologies used to create simulations falling somewhere along a continuum often referred to as Extended Reality (XR). The real world is at one end, while "fully immersive'' simulations sit at the other, with things like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) represented along the way.
Miami Online Digest: SoTL and DBER
Fortunately, there are vast bodies of research that can provide valuable insights. In addition to Educational Psychology and Cognitive Science, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and Discipline-Based Educational Research (DBER) are instrumental. These fields overlap while being distinct and complementary in practice. The National Association of Geoscience Teachers places the two approaches on a continuum.
Miami Online Digest: Faculty Burnout
Even a cursory glance at sites addressing teaching and learning indicates the understandably heightened concern around the stresses facing faculty members. Fortunately, several resources offer advice and practices that can lessen the impact of the many demands and challenges faculty face.
Miami Online Digest: Overcoming Student Distraction
Distraction and a lack of engagement in the virtual and physical classroom is hardly a new phenomenon. Fortunately, there are several insightful resources with useful suggestions on handling these seemingly more intractable issues.
Method To the Madness: Using Human Factors Principles To Guide Remote Teaching
In the first installment of our series of guest blog posts, Dr. Jay Smart shares his insights on how the recent months have informed his teaching and how his training as a Human Factors psychologist provides a useful lens through which to view the problems of "getting people and technology to play together nicely."
Final Countdown: Get Your Spring Course Ready to Launch
As the term start date draws closer, you'll probably have completed a lot of planning, building, and maybe even redesigning. Now, as we countdown to the beginning of Spring 2021, you can take these steps for your course(s) to ensure a strong, successful start.
Best Practices for Final Exam Proctoring
As we are near the end of the fall semester and final exams approach, we expect there will be high Proctorio usage at Miami as well as across the country. With this in mind, we wanted to provide a few best practices to ensure that Miami students have a smooth exam experience during these high-stress times.