Cross-listing Sections

Step one: identify the primary course section and SIS ID

First, you'll need to identify the course section you'd like to be the primary section that others are cross-listed with (i.e. ABC101 A). Go to Settings in the course navigation, and make sure you're on the Course Details tab. Find the SIS ID number and copy it to your clipboard.

Step two: cross-list sections

Now, navigate to the course section you'd like to cross-list. Once you're inside the course, go to Settings and click the Sections tab. Click the hyperlinked title of the section. This will take you to a page with that section's roster.

On the right side of the page, click the Cross-list This Section button; a box will pop up. In the second text box (Enter the Course's ID), paste the SIS ID number (that you previously copied from the primary section).

Repeat step two for all subsequent sections. You'll only ever need to copy and paste one SIS ID number per course.