Posting a Syllabus

Canvas provides a link in the course navigation menu for your syllabus. You can add a file for your syllabus, as well as text and images if you would like to add links to files in Google Drive, a description, or a special message for your students.

How do I add my Syllabus as a file?

  1. Click Syllabus in your course navigation menu. If you have not edited your course's menu, it will be the ninth link from the top. The "Course Syllabus" page will open.

  1. Click the gray Edit button near the top of the page. A Syllabus Description text box will open, and a tab menu will appear on the right side of the page.

NOTE: If your syllabus is a Google Doc or you have uploaded it to Google Drive, you can simply paste its sharing link into the "Course Description" text box, then skip to Step 7.

  1. Click the Files tab in the right-hand menu to display its options.

  1. Click the +Upload a new file link. 

  1. Click the Choose File button, then locate your syllabus file on your computer. 
  1. Click the Upload button. A hyperlink with your file’s name will be added to the Syllabus Description text box.

  1. Click the blue Update Syllabus button below the Course Description text box when you’re done making changes. The content you added will now appear right below the "Course Syllabus" heading on this page. 

NOTE: Canvas automatically adds any assignments, discussions, quizzes, and events you create in your course under the "Course Summary" heading on this page, which is on its lower half.

How do I create a brand new Syllabus in Canvas?

You may be working from a syllabus in Microsoft Word or a PDF. Copy and paste the content of the syllabus into the Syllabus while in Edit mode. You can also type directly into the Rich Content Editor (text box).

Be wary of pasted formatting. Sometimes content coming from a Word document or PDF doesn't paste in cleanly. If you find this is happening, highlight the content on Canvas and reset the formatting with the paragraph option. If you use the keyboard shortcut Command+Shift+V (on a Mac) or Control+Shift+V (on a PC) to paste, the content will be copied without formatting.

How do I move a Syllabus from another Canvas course?

If the syllabus need already exists in another course, import it using the instructions for copying content from another Canvas course.