Google Meet

Google Meet is Google's new web conferencing platform. It has features above and beyond what a Google Hangouts video call provides. Everyone at Miami has access to Google Meet since it's part of our Google Apps for Education suite.

Consider accessibility when choosing web conferencing options. Webex is the preferred university supported tool and must be used whenever you have an enrolled student using deaf or hard of hearing accommodations (D/HoH), such as real time captioning. Google Meet may be used as an alternative option for courses that do not require D/HoH accommodations.

What can I do with Google Meet?

Lecture Delivery

Meet with students for live, synchronous, online class sessions.

Student Collaboration

Have students meet online in small groups to work on projects.

Guest Speakers

Have guests meet with your students, regardless of their location.

Office Hours

Meet one-on-one with students during your weekly office hours.

Where do I access Google Meet?

You can schedule a Google Meet web conference in your Google Calendar, and you can visit to start or join a meeting.

Where can I learn more about Google Meet?

Google provides a wealth of online information that you can consult if you want to learn more about Meet's features. You can also meet with an eLearning Miami learning designer if you'd like personal assistance.

Video Tutorials

Visit the Google Training YouTube channel to view videos on Google Meet.

Text Tutorials

Visit the G Suite Learning Center for how-to articles on Google Meet.


Visit Google's Help Center to learn how it manages Meet users' data and privacy.


Visit Google's Help Center to learn about Meet's accessibility features.