Using Kaltura Personal Capture to Record Video

Before Recording

Make sure My Media is in your course navigation – check out our instructions for uploading videos to Canvas for help with this task.

You will also want to check your microphone and camera in Settings before getting started. If you are using an external camera, make sure it is attached before going into Settings. 

Recording Your Video

Click "Add New" and then select "Personal Capture" from the drop down list.

The first time you select the Personal Capture option, you will be prompted to download the app. Refer to the Kaltura Personal Capture User Manual for more information.

When the recorder pops up, click on the the tool combination you want to use – Screen, Camera, Audio... or all three! Here you can change your camera and audio source.(See detailed information on use of each of these tools by going to Kaltura Personal Capture Overview.) You can also choose to record your full screen or select an area to record.

When ready, click the "Record" button (the big red circle) and a countdown timer will begin.

As you begin recording, you will see a tools menu appear in the lower right corner. It includes buttons to stop, pause, and cancel the recording, as well as a timer, microphone, and pencil. To use the whiteboard tool, click the pencil.

When you are finished recording, click the square-shaped stop button on the toolbar.

Depending on the length of the recording, your video may take a few minutes to process. Once processed, the video editor will open.

The video editor tools are located on the left side of the screen. The editor tools allow you to trim, chop, add titles and credits to your recording. Please refer to the Kaltura instructions for detailed editing tips.

Type a title for your recording and include a brief description of the information contained in the video for future reference. Include your course number (e.g. ABC123) without spaces in the "Tags" box.

Once you have completed any edits, click the "Save & Upload" button in the lower right corner.

Your recording will appear in My Media. If you need to return later to complete more edits, click "Save" to save your video to the Kaltura library.

Need help?

To learn how to upload a pre-recorded video to Canvas, that can also be found on our Uploading Videos to Canvas page. This is handy if you're more familiar with tools like Screencast-O-Matic.

If you have questions or are experiencing any difficulties, fill out our form to talk to an expert about using Kaltura or Canvas.