Technology Tools for Teaching

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Please note that not all tools listed below are accessible.

Graphic Design Tools

  • Canva: Not to be confused with the Canvas LMS, Canva is a free, in-browser graphic design tool that allows you to create high-quality graphics from scratch or a variety of templates. No graphic design experience is needed to use this tool. Create infographics, course titles and headers, slides, and more.
  • LucidChart: LucidChart is a concept-mapping tool that lets you diagram, brainstorm, model, and map content. This is an easy-to-use tool subjects that include complex concepts or processes that could benefit from visual clarification. LucidChart diagrams can easily be embedded into Canvas pages or downloaded in various other file formats.

Presentation Tools

  • Adobe Spark: Adobe Spark is an online and mobile design app that allows users to make social media graphics, short videos, and web pages.
  • Google Slides: Google Slides is the G Suite answer to Microsoft PowerPoint. Slides, like all Google apps, are updated in real-time and accessible anywhere with internet. Slides presentations can be embedded into Canvas pages so that students can easily "flip" through content.
  • Prezi: Prezi is a presentation software that uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to arrange and organize content. Try adding emphasis to your presentations with animated features, such as pan and zoom.
  • Slideshare: Slideshare is an online presentation tool that allows users to share and store presentations. These presentations can also be placed in Canvas using an embed code.

Video Tools

  • Kaltura Personal Capture: Kaltura is the video management system that Miami has adopted for video hosting. It also includes a feature called Personal Capture, which can be used to record videos or screencasts. Kaltura is directly integrated into Canvas.
  • Screencast-o-Matic: Screencast-o-Matic is a free screen recording software you use online. Provide instruction and demonstrations to your students by recording and uploading your videos to Canvas. Screencast-o-Matic is free to use, but contact our office for access to the pro version. 
  • Clip Champ: Clip Champ is an in-browser tool that allows you to record with your webcam and collect video from others, compress and edit videos, and convert videos to different formats.

Social Media/Communication/Blogging

  • WordPress: Miami University offers faculty access to a WordPress blog that can be set up for each course. To request a WordPress blog for your course, complete the request form.


  • HSTRY.CO: Online timeline software that is easy navigate with a free basic membership.
  • BubbLus: is a brainstorming and mind mapping application. Users get to create three free mind maps.