Diversity and Inclusion Conference

As part of our efforts to promote a deeper community understanding of key issues and diversity and inclusion activities across the institution, the first annual Diversity and Inclusion Conference was held on October 11, 2019.

This free conference was open to all students, staff, faculty, and community members who are interested in exploring key aspects of diversity and inclusion through a series of select breakout sessions and a closing discussion on the state of diversity and inclusion at Miami.

Eligible hourly staff could earn five Job Enrichment points by attending this conference. About the Job Enrichment Program »

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Feedback from 2019 Attendees

Opening with the restorative justice discussion of lynching in Butler Co. was powerful and highlighted the urgency of Diversity and Inclusion efforts in our institution. I also appreciated hearing the message, in various moments, about how Diversity & Inclusion is not a single pillar but must be integral to our efforts throughout the institution.

I enjoyed this conference. I felt the break out sessions I attended were very interesting. I also liked in the breakout sessions I attended, it wasn't all information being "fed" to us. There were a lot of back and forth discussions going on.

I'm new to Miami so the conference as a whole was incredibly informative and helped me to understand how Miami thinks about Diversity & Inclusion.

Scenes from the 2019 Conference

At left, a woman signs in at the registration desk. At right, the conference program and one of the coins distributed to attendees
 At left, conference schedule poster. At right, a slide demonstrating preferred pronouns
 Jars of soil to remember victims of lynchings in Oxford
 A woman faces a partner during an invisible disabilities exercise
 Participants in a workshop laugh
 Ron Scott faces toward an audience during a session
Ron Scott and Bennyce Hamilton address their audience