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Recommended Books

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They Said This Would Be Fun. Eternity Martis A powerful, moving memoir about what it's like to be a student of colour on a predominantly white campus.
A Map Is Only One Story Nicole Chung Immigration, Family, and the Meaning of Home
Living Beyond Borders Margarita Longoria Growing up Mexican in America
Made in America Laurie Olsen Immigrant Students in Our Public Schools
The Good Immigrant Nikesh Shukla Reflection on America by 26 Writers
The Book of Unknown Americans Cristina Henríquez A stunning novel of hopes and dreams, guilt and love—a book that offers a resonant new definition of what it means to be American and "illuminate[s] the lives behind the current debates about Latino immigration"
American Like Me America Ferrera Reflections on Life Between Cultures
We Are Displaced Malala Yousafzai My Journey and Stories from Refugee Girls Around the World
We Are Not from Here Jenny Torres Sanchez A poignant novel of desperation, escape, and survival across the U.S.-Mexico border, inspired by current events.
This Land Is Our Land: An Immigrant's Manifesto Salman Rushdie "...making the case against bigotry and for all of us migrants―what we are not, who we are, and why we deserve to be welcomed, not feared.”
Finding Home: The Journey of Immigrants and Refugees Jen Sookfong Lee Discovering how human migration has shaped our world