Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Graduate Certificate


Miami University’s Department of Educational Psychology offers educators and other related service personnel a valuable professional development certificate with practical classroom applications. Students will develop a broad and updated knowledge base in current research & trends, methods for classroom instruction, understanding and developing approaches to social-emotional and communicative skills, and methods for behavior support & intervention.

The Autism Certificate courses made me a better teacher, one of the best received in my department, and I found much of what we learned about supporting students on the spectrum to be useful for any student in any subject. - MacKenzie, Ohio K-12 Teacher

This non-sequential, 4-course online certificate program addresses the following topics:

  1. Current research and trends
  2. Methods for classroom instruction
  3. Approaches to social-emotional & communicative skills
  4. Methods for behavior support & intervention

Student Learning Outcomes

• Students will be able to identify all diagnostic characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder from the DSM-V perspective.

• Students will be able to identify the range of manifestations on the spectrum.

• Students will be able to identify marginalization and exclusion practices of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in school systems and policies.

• Students will be able to identify the ways in which individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder have developed a sense of identity and agency.

• Students will be able to identify and describe current research and trends regarding etiology, treatment approaches, and systems of support for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

• Students will be able to identify, describe, and develop systems of evidence-based support and intervention for school-aged individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the areas of academic development, communication, and social interaction.


Courses may be taken in any order and are offered in all academic terms (fall, winter, spring and summer). Courses are taught entirely online.

Course Requirements


The certificate is available to current and newly admitted Miami graduate students, without regard to their degree-seeking status. Current Miami degree-seekers (including combined degree students) apply using the link on the Graduate Student Association Canvas site. All other applicants apply using the Graduate School's application. Students must be admitted to the certificate program prior to taking courses for certification.

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Program tuition and fees are dependent upon residency, term and course of study. Please visit the One Stop for Student Success Services website for details regarding tuition and fees.
The Teacher Education Access at Miami (TEAM) Scholarship provides a 50% discount on graduate tuition and fees for Ohio PreK-12 Educators.