Graduate Certificate for Professional Development: Assessment and Evaluation

Students interested in earning this certificate MUST contact Professor William Boone for additional information before starting the certificate. A change in the required certificate courses is now underway. Also, there is a brief application procedure which needs to be completed by students wishing to pursue the certificate. The application process needs to be completed before students start working toward the certificate. Therefore, email Professor Boone regarding the required courses and the application process. Thank you.

This Department of Educational Psychology certificate program in Assessment and Evaluation addresses two primary goals:

  • To address the needs of public and private school personnel to gain skills in collecting, analyzing and interpreting assessment data (e.g. outcome measures) to improve student and school performance. 
  • To address the needs of stake-holders and decision-makers in both formal and informal educational settings to understand and use a range of evaluation methods for assessing and furthering organizational goals.

Course Requirements

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion the certificate students will be able to design a program evaluation, develop tests and surveys, evaluate test and survey data, use a number of appropriate software tools, and be able to access, use and interpret evaluation and assessment data bases. Upon completion of the certificate, students will have gained a comprehensive understanding of outcome measures.

Course Sequence:

The following are sequences of course offerings developed so that a student could complete the certificate in a year.

Example of a potential course sequence:

Fall 2020 EDP 607----> Spring 2021 EDP 655---> Summer 2021 EDP 690

Example of a potential course sequence:

Summer 2021--->EDP 690--->Fall 2021 EDP 607-->Spring 2022 EDP 655

Course Format and Resource Plan:

The course sequence has been developed to allow students to complete a certificate in one year if they begin in the summer or the fall. The sequence makes use of existing courses, as well as the needs/availability of targeted course takers.

Sequence required that EDP 607 must be completed before EDP 655.


Students must be enrolled in a MU Masters, MU Ed.D. or Ph.D. program. OR:

Students must apply (and be admitted to) a MU masters program. OR:

Students must apply for “non-degree status” in the MU graduate school and have a 3.0 GPA in their undergraduate degree. OR:

Students must have been admitted to a masters program at another accredited university.

Director: Dr. William Boone serves as the certificate program director.

Financial assistance:

Miami's TEAM Scholarship provides a 50 percent reduction in tuition and fees to Ohio's professional educators. You must be employed full time and be an Ohio resident. For more information, check out the Team Scholarship website. Questions?  Contact Sharron Roberts at 513-529-6317 or email her at

Additional resources are available at Miami University's Office of Financial Assistance.