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Students presented with certificates Certificate programs in Assessment and Evaluation, Human Brain and Learning as well as in Applied Statistics and Data Analysis in Education and Social Science may be earned within the master’s degree in education.
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Educational Psychology International Cooperative Program

Miami is very welcoming of international students who wish to study on our campus in Oxford, Ohio, USA. Nearly 1,000 international students from 69 countries currently attend Miami University.

One of the programs in which we welcome Chinese students is our Educational Psychology International Cooperative (EPIC) program, a partnership with universities and educational organizations in China. These institutions include Liaoning Normal University and Beijing University.

The program involves a collaborative agreement for select Chinese students to begin their graduate studies in China and allows them to apply their coursework towards a Master of Education degree in Educational Psychology at Miami University. Transcripts showing enrollment at either Liaoning Normal University or Beijing University are required at the time of application.

EPIC provides students with an incredible international experience. In addition to their studies, students participate in many on and off campus activities, engage in U.S. travel and attend professional conferences while completing their master degree studies. Students also have considerable engagement with U.S. citizens and share their Chinese language and culture.