Frequently Asked Questions

Are there part-time options available for Advanced Standing and Traditional Students

The following Programs of Study detail these options:

Part-Time Traditional Program

Part-Time Advanced Standing Program

Is there financial assistance available?

Miami University students have the following opportunities to receive financial assistance:

  • Scholarships: Miami University prides itself on supporting its graduate students with numerous scholarships. Deadlines for all of the following scholarships are March 15th of each year:
    • Family Science and Social Work General Scholarship: Based on academic performance and financial need. New or continuing students; preference given to relocating students. $4000 per student
    • Jane and Dessie Rees Scholarship:Based on academic achievement and essay responses, $1000 per student.
    • MASW Miami Alumni Scholarship: Miami Alumni entering the MASW program, based on academic performance and financial need. Incoming graduate students only $3000 per student
    • Fred C. Whitcomb Scholarship: Graduate students in Social Work Program. Faculty Nomination only, $1000 per student

How does academic advising work?

Students with last names ending in A-M work with Dr. Anne Roma, 513-529-8519, Students with last names ending in N-Z work with Dr. Sean Newsome, 513-529-2030,

Where and when are classes?

Classes are primarily held on our Middletown campus, Monday through Wednesday, from either 4-6:40 pm or 7-9:40 pm, except in the summer session when classes are at either 12-4 pm or 4-8 pm. The exception is any elective that you take or Field Seminar which you will have with other Miami University students in your cohort on our Oxford campus.

How important are field placements?

Field Placements are a critical component to your learning as students have shared the ability to practice what is learned in the classroom was integral in their skill development.  We have partnerships with a variety of field agencies to help you meet your learning goals.  While some agencies can offer late afternoon or evening hours, most agencies prefer to have students during traditional business hours.  The Director of Social Work Field Education will work with you to find the right match based on your work and personal responsibilities so that you can have the best experience possible. The more flexible you are, the more options you will have.

Please note that Miami University has adopted a schedule that leaves time for Winter Break. Most agencies do not want students to take 5-6 weeks vacation over break. Please communicate directly with your Field Supervisor to address your schedule throughout the school year.

Do I need to provide my own personal transportation?

Personal transportation is particularly important for all incoming MASW students as students will be required to attend classes at both Miami U’s Middletown and Oxford campuses as well as regularly complete their field placement hours at a local social service agency. We have found that students cannot reliably depend on public transportation during all seasons in our geographic location.

Are there any required pre-requisites to get into the MASW Program?

Required Pre-Requisites: You must have completed an undergraduate course in the following subject areas:

  1. At least one course in psychology, sociology, or anthropology;
  2. At least one course in American history, American government, or economics;
  3. At least one course in Human Biology; and
  4. At least one course in Statistics.

Students who have not completed the above requirements must do so before entering the MASW program. Oftentimes, students find that they can take a course at a local community college to address concerns of costs. To confirm that a course meets the requirements, email

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