EHS Leadership Scholars

The EHS Leadership Scholars are part of the University Academic Scholars Program. The EHS Leadership Scholars Program is for students who are interested in being agents of change in our society and who want to build and sustain healthy schools, communities, and families. EHS Leadership Scholars experience the following advantages:

  • Direct entry into programs that typically require a pre-major
  • Guaranteed placement in an EHS living-learning community
  • Specialized advising sessions with a faculty mentor
  • Regular meetings with the Dean as a member of the EHS Student Advisory Council
  • Access to a Scholars-only weekly seminar, "Leadership in Healthy Communities"
  • Personal interaction with divisional guests
  • Opportunity to conduct research or to work as a mentored teaching assistant

To be considered for the EHS Leadership Scholars program, you must select a major within the College of Education, Health, and Society and be selected as part of the University Academic Scholars Program. Scholars are selected from among Miami University's most outstanding applicants to be part of this premier program and are seen as the academic leaders on campus.

For more information, contact Dr. Denise Taliaferro Baszile.