EHS Summer

Czech Republic

Comparing U.S. and European Schools

Miami students

When: May 2019

Credits: EDT 455

EDT 455, Comparing U.S. and European School Systems, provides a unique opportunity for undergraduates who are planning to enter the teaching profession. It entails a two-week trip to Europe, starting in Brussels, then visiting schools in Austria and Luxembourg, with a weekend to the Alps, and finishing up in Munich. This workshop also satisfies the Miami Plan Capstone requirement. Students will conduct observations of European classrooms and engage professionally and personally with European students and educators. EDT 455 is also well suited for special education and speech pathology majors, and is open to other majors across campus.


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Health in The Gambia

The Gambia

When: Mid-May 2019 (2 weeks)

Credits: KNH 402 Capstone class

Students will experience first hand many perspectives of health in a developing country, and consider how healthcare is delivered when resources are scarce, understand context surrounding the complexity of health care in a poor country with both acute and chronic health care needs, engage with learners from different countries (many health care providers are from different countries in Africa as well as different countries around the world), and reflect on their initial expectations and what may surprise them about health in The Gambia.

Visits Included in Trip

  • WHO, UNICEF, Medical Research Clinic,  National Nutrition Agency, Peace Corps
  • Jammah Foundation, Kwinella Clinic, University of the Gambia
  • Banjul Hospital Departments of Physiotherapy and Department of Prosthetics
  • Francis Small Teaching Hospital, St. John’s School for the Deaf.

What you will learn

  • Major historical and political factors that impact health and health care in the Gambia.
  • The significance of major local, national, & international actors, and actions impacting health and health care in The Gambia.
  • Social and cultural factors that affect education and health.


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The Sport, Management, and Culture in the Global Marketplace

Miami study abroad

When: Summer 2019: 06/07/2019 – 06/29/2019

Credits: KNH 499 (6 credit hours)

The Sport, Management, and Culture in the Global Marketplace study abroad program is designed for students who are interested in exploring relationship between sport, culture, and the contemporary global economy through an experiential learning environment. For 3-week course, students will travel to London (England) and Dublin (Ireland) from June 7-29 to examine the relationship between global and local sporting spaces, collectives, and cultures in the UK and Ireland sport industries.

Students will be given the opportunity for firsthand experience in, and a thorough understanding of, the rapidly expanding global sport marketplace. While in England and Ireland, students are fully immersed in the global and local complexities, cultures, and social relations of the European sport industry. The program will include:

  • formal lectures delivered by the primary (and secondary) trip leaders as well as prominent guest scholars from European universities in the field of global sport culture, management, marketing, and media;
  • meetings with executives who outline the workings of the European sport industry, and the ways that global and local forces intersect in and through the organization, structure, and experience of European sport culture;
  • field visits to globally prominent European sport enterprises, such as governing bodies, corporate sponsors, sport media corporations, major venues, and professional teams (e.g., London Olympic Stadium, Fulham Football Club, England and Wales Cricket Board, Lords Cricket Ground, historic Wimbledon, Wembley Stadium, Aviva Stadium, Irish Football Federation) and;
  • activities to participate in European physical cultural practices and experiences (e.g. cycling on the VeloPark, Canoeing on the Lee Valley, Bubble Soccer in Ireland, and a hike in Ireland).

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Culturally Responsive English Teaching in Panama

When: Summer 2019: 05/21/2019-06/13/2019

Location: New Zealand: Nelson, Marahau, Abel Tasman, Montueka, Fox Glacier, Copland, Queenstown, Clyde, Omakau, Ranfurly, Dunedin

Course(s): EDT499 (4 to 6 credit hours)

This workshop will provide a great teaching and learning opportunity for students to experience teaching Central American children English and interact with the in-service teachers and administrators. The students will understand the complex of social, historical, economic, and cultural relations that influence children's learning experiences and lives in a different socio-cultural context by developing, teaching, and reflecting developmentally appropriate, culturally responsive lessons in Central American schools--in particular, Panama. This workshop is also specially designed for Miami students who can't afford to have a study aboard course due to their financial restraints by offering very reasonable program fee with the departmental support for those who are edible. Each student will be placed in an elementary school classroom as well as visit the other two schools the other students are placed to learn and compare. The students will be in their classroom to support and teach with the co-teachers (typically 8AM-2:30PM) and they will have some group/individual time to discuss and develop their lesson plans to teach in the afternoon. The students will stay in a hotel nearby the schools they will be placed. The downtown of Panama is very easy to get and the students can plan their own short trips to certain places such as near by national parks, Panama Canal, and San Blas Island.


Outdoor Leadership in New Zealand

students take group picture in New Zealand

When: Summer 2020: 5/19/2020–6/11/2020

Location: South Island, New Zealand

Course: EDT 485 (6 credit hours)

Offered by Miami staff, Jen Siliko
Questions? Email the program director at

The hallmark of this course is experiential education—in which educators purposefully engage with learners in direct experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills, clarify values, and develop people's capacity to contribute to their communities (Gass, M.A. 2012). Students eat, sleep, learn and play together throughout their travels around New Zealand’s south island. This course will provide students with an opportunity to challenge and expand their traditional views of leadership and education. The course will focus on these five foundations: outdoor leadership, experiential learning, outdoor skill development, environmental stewardship and intercultural engagement. In addition to the course travel, students are required to attend several pre-departure orientation meetings.

Program Highlights

  • Explore Christchurch
  • Backpack the lush forest and mountains of New Zealand's National Parks
  • Sea Kayak through seal colonies in Abel Tasman National Park
  • Ice climb the 50 foot high walls of Fox Glacier
  • Experience Maori culture at Te Awhina Marae
  • Choose your own adventure in Queenstown, the adventure mecca of the world



ELL Summer Camp in Luxembourg (MUDEC)

building in Luxembourg

When: July 19 – August 2, 2019

This 3-credit hour study abroad course, MUDEC ELL Summer Camp, consists of 2 one-week camps taught by Miami University students to a group of 20-25 Luxembourg primary and middle school students during the last two weeks of July 2019. The primary purpose of the camp will be to engage students enrolled in the International School of Differdange and Esch to improve their English language skills while engaged in a series of theme-based interactive activities directed by a small group of Miami University students. In the process of planning, developing, and delivering the summer camp curriculum, the Miami University students will learn best-practice teaching strategies for English Language Learners (ELL). Free housing will be offered in Luxembourg during the stay and additional scholarship funding is being sought to offset the cost of travel.

For more information, contact: James Shiveley or Brenda Dales


Food Science and Culture in Italy


When: 5/21/2019-7/5/2019 online, with the travel dates being 6/4/19-6/25/2019

Credits: Six credit hours (counts toward Miami Global Perspectives)

Application Deadline: February 15, 2019

During this program, students will visit Siena Italy and parts of Tuscany to study food, culture and the cuisine of this region. Students will travel to different areas of Italy including San Gimignano, Chianti, Pienza, Montalcino, Valdorcia, and Bolognia to sample the regional diversity in the food culture. Included are excursions to farms, factories, and food producers including a parmesan cheese factory, pasta making class, coffee roasting facility, olive oil factory, as well as local farms which will provide instruction and demonstrate of the creation of these foods. Through lectures, field trips, guest speakers and hands-on workshops, students will learn how the culture of Italian cuisine has evolved over time and how it has shaped the culture of American Cuisine and Italy's role in the global food economy.

For more information contact: Becky Galvin (


Exploring Youth Activism in South Africa

south africa

When: June 10, 2019 – July 2, 2019

Courses: EDL 203 and EDL 333 (6 credits)

Application Deadline: March 1, 2019

Imagine living in a world where all people thrive despite our differences and where we use our collective knowledge, talents and energies to leave the world better for the generation that succeeds us. Sounds good, right? Well that's exactly our focus in this workshop "Exploring Youth, Culture and Activism in South Africa." Culminating in a weekend Safari, we will spend our time together engaged in service learning with South African learners, while also enjoying and learning about the culture of South African Youth. Join us for an opportunity to give back, engage with youth and enjoy the city spaces and wildlife reserves South Africa has to offer!

Fulfills Global, CYS Thematic Sequence, Social Science, Intercultural Perspective requirements. Open to and appropriate for all majors!

For more information contact: Dr. Durell M. Callier at