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Trek Hidden Coasta Rica

Costa Rica

Course Title: Trek Hidden Coasta Rica

When: Winter Term

Credits: EDL 281 Outdoor Leadership (3 credit hours)

This course is unique in its ability to provide students with rigorous and holistic learning. The course encourages student development of 1) the three foundations of outdoor leadership: technical skills, judgement and decision making skills and interpersonal skills through outdoor adventure experiences, 2) intercultural learning through interactions with native Costa Ricans via homestays and other planned activities, and 3) intrapersonal growth through ongoing and guided reflection and debriefing.

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The Land of Fire and Ice

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When: Winter Term

Students will choose between a 3 credit program with travel from and a 6 credit program.

Undergraduates participating in the 3 credit program can take KNH 499Q or KNH 402. Graduates participating in the 3 credit program take KNH 553v. Undergraduates participating in the 6 credit program must take KNH 453v and either KNH 402 or KNH 499Q. There is no 6 credit hour option for graduate students.


  • KNH 402 Health and Human Culture (3 credits)
  • KNH 499Q Life in Iceland (3 credits)
  • KNH 453V Perspectives of Health and Human Culture (3 credits)
  • KNH 553V Perspectives of Health and Human Culture (3 credits)

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