What is Research?

Research is not just test tubes and beakers! Undergraduate research can be found in all majors at Miami. Becoming involved with undergraduate research helps students explore an academic area more fully, applying what they are learning in the classroom in a hands-on experience. Research skills and experience provide benefits to students both during and after college.
Student conducting research



  • Skills:
    • Teamwork
    • Problem-solving
    • Data Analytic
    • Writing
    • Presenting
  • Career Exploration:
    • Research can help students identify career paths of interests by testing out the function of research in the world.  
  • Network Contacts:
    • By collaborating with faculty, graduate students, and peers, undergraduates can develop a professional network that can open up post-college opportunities.
  • Graduate and Professional Schools: 
    • Conducting research as undergraduate students can familiarize them with specific academic fields. Research can be that unique experience a student brings to post-graduate programs, making them more competitive.  For some specific programs, research can be a necessary experience to include in applications. Research experiences with faculty can also lead to letters of recommendation.
  • Helping the World: 
    • Research can have an impact on the world, adding knowledge and solving problems for generations to come.


How to Find Opportunities


Can I earn academic credit for my research?

  • Yes, you can earn academic credit for research. Talk with your academic department or your academic advisor to explore research opportunities.

Are there opportunities here at Miami?

Are there any paid research opportunities or options for funding unpaid research opportunities?

Will this count for my experiential learning requirement?

  • Experiential learning is a broad term and can encompass many different types of learning, including undergraduate research. Talk to your academic advisor to make sure you have a plan in place to complete your experiential learning requirement. 
  • Additionally, courses taken as part of the Undergraduate Summer Scholars Program count for this requirement.

How do I get involved?

  • Ask faculty in your department if they are in need of undergraduate research assistants.
  • Miami University's Research Ethics and Integrity Office offers IRB training, a requirement for research projects involving human subjects.