Micro Internships

Parker Dewey logoWe’ve partnered with Parker Dewey, the largest network of freelance projects, to provide you with a way to promote your short-term projects to students eager to test their professional chops and provide immediate value to your organization. Immediate benefits are:

  • Improve entry-level hiring by providing access to a wider and diverse pool of talent.
  • Promote and enhance your brand on campus.
  • Check the box on those projects and deliverables for a fixed cost with low risk.


How long are micro internships?

5-40 hours

What is the hourly rate?

$12-25 per hour

Are there any fees?

Beyond the cost of the engagement, there are no additional fees charged by Parker Dewey. There is no cost to register, post a project or evaluate a Career Launcher (student or alumni are classified as independent contractors). Parkey Dewey is a consulting firm where a company pays a fixed fee to execute a project. Further, there is no administrative, accounting or HR burden to you!

Are engagements confidential?

Yes, and Career Launchers attached to a project are subject to Nondisclosure and Assignment agreements.