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Practice Interviewing Anytime with Big Interview

Big Interview is a web-based platform where you can LEARN about interviewing and PRACTICE answering interview questions.

Big Interview provides (under LEARN) a step-by-step curriculum of video lessons, (under PRACTICE) over 10k interview questions you can practice recording your answers, and receive immediate artificially intelligent (A.I.) feedback on your recorded practice answers.

Interview questions are grouped by Industry, Competency/Skill set, and specific interests, such as Admissions (to different types of Grad Schools), Government, Veterans etc.

Interview Playbooks (under Learn) also address a variety of different student populations: Disability, ESL, Introvert, LGBTQ+, New Graduate, or First 90 Days.

How to Activate Your Big Interview Account

  1. Click "Register" (green button in upper right corner), enter your Miami email, name, and password, and click “Create my Account”.
  2. Log in with your Miami credentials and start using Big Interview.

Questions about Big Interview?

Check out the Big Interview Student Guide