Budget Transfers

Budget transfers allow you to move budget from one index and account to another. Acceptable budget transfers are used to transfer budget within Unrestricted Education & General (E&G), Auxiliary, Designated, or Restricted index codes. Transfers between campuses or funds are not permitted. In addition, budget is recorded at the highest account level (e.g., 155000 Supplies & Materials, 160000 Services); therefore, any budget transfers must be transferred at that same level.

Note: You cannot move expenses using a budget transfer. If you need to move an expense, submit a Multiple Line Journal Voucher.

Budget transfers are submitted through BannerWeb. The Multiple Line Budget transfer application is within the BannerWeb Finance menu.

Before you start, make sure you have available the index code(s) (e.g., UBO001), the fund (to ensure you are not submitting a transfer between different funds), and account code(s) (e.g., 155000) you wish to include in the transfer. Also, consider the date to which the transfer will post (usually today) and what type of budget transfer you have to submit. There are four types of budget transfers:

  • BD02 is for permanent adjustments and apply to current and future fiscal years
  • BD04 is for temporary adjustments and apply to the current year only
  • BDCF is to transfer budget only within and between carry forward indexes.
  • BDVA is used when the funding source is the current year's vacancy.

Instructions are available to walk you through submitting your budget transfer.


Budget Transfer Deadlines
Timeframe/Deadline Task
July 2019 Processing of budget transfers/adjustments begins following the FY20 budget upload into Banner.
July 2019 to March 31, 2020 Permanent budget transfers/adjustments can be submitted.
July 2019 to June 19, 2020 One-time temporary budget transfers/adjustments can be submitted for processing