Buyway is Miami's online marketplace. It allows you to purchase goods and services and request payments. Buyway provides easy access to multiple supplier catalogs with University-negotiated pricing, and a comprehensive workflow tool for electronic purchase approvals.

Buyway can be used for multiple types of transactions:

  • Granting prizes, awards, scholarships, or stipends to individuals.
  • Purchasing office and lab supplies, and making technology purchases.
  • Requesting a bidding opportunity and submitting contracts for review and approval.
  • Creating a Purchase Order (PO) and paying suppliers and individuals for goods or services.
  • Reimbursing and refunding individuals for expenses that are not related to travel.


To become a Buyway Requestor or Approver, you must complete training. We offer training for both new University employees and student organizations.

You can complete training by self-enrolling in the appropriate Canvas course:

Buyway Training (New Employees)

Buyway Training (Student Organizations)


Almost all transactions in Buyway will require some sort of supporting documentation. Please make sure you read the instructions for the type of payment that you are trying to make.

Review the Handbook

Purchasing Handbook

Use of Buyway is subject to Strategic Procurement's Purchasing Handbook. 

Request Buyway Access

Access Request

Complete a Buyway Security Request to become an approver or requestor in Buyway.

Practice in Buyway Test

Buyway Test

Use Buyway Test to develop new features and test hypothetical transactions.