Paying Companies

In Buyway, you can pay vendors that are companies (i.e., not individuals) through purchase orders (POs) or direct pay. For both methods, you must have an invoice from the vendor in order for payment processing.

Please note: If the payment goes towards a contract, the contract must be attached in Buyway as well.

Purchase Orders

For this payment method, follow this process:

  1. Choose non-catalog item at the top of the Shop screen in Buyway to begin creating a PO for the purchase.
  2. Fill out the form, and check out. 
  3. The vendor then sends our office or your department/student organization an invoice (if you receive it, send the invoice to
  4. Once we review and approve the invoice, it will be paid.

Please note: This is our preferred method for payments.

Direct Pay

If you do not have a PO created in Buyway, you will need to use the direct pay method:

  1. The vendor then sends your department/student organization an invoice (if the vendor sends it to our office, we will send it to you to proceed to the next step).
  2. You submit the Direct Pay Request - Company without PO form in Buyway and attach the invoice.
  3. Once we review and approve the direct pay request, our office will pay the invoice.