Setting Up Vendors

A vendor is any person or company you're paying for a good or service. To pay vendors through Buyway, you must first set them up in the system. No one is automatically set up in the system; all vendors are added on an as needed basis.

If your vendors are not already in Buyway, you must submit a Vendor Setup/Change Request to add them. You will need the following supporting documentation (based on the type of vendor).

Please note: IRS Form W-9 are a one-time requirement to set up a vendor in Buyway.

Documentation Based on Type of Vendor
Vendor Type Residency Documents (Required) Documents (Optional)
Company Domestic W-9 ACH Direct Deposit
Company Foreign W-8BEN-E Wire Information
Student/Staff/Faculty Member Any None AP Direct Deposit
Non-Miami Individual Domestic W-9 ACH Direct Deposit
Non-Miami Individual Foreign W-8BEN Wire Information