November 2019

2020 Lean Fair

Just a reminder to save the date of Wednesday, January 15th for the 2020 Lean Fair- Connecting the Dots.  Now in its 6th year, this fair will offer both a morning session and a repeat afternoon session to provide everyone the opportunity to attend.

We are excited to have Michael Hoseus as the keynote speaker for this year’s fair “Connecting the Dots”.  Mr. Hoseus is the Executive Director of the Center for Quality People & Organizations as well as the President of Lean Culture Enterprises.  In addition to Mr. Hoseus, Kapil Manocha, Miami’s Director of Lean Initiatives, will speak about Lean in higher education. Following these presentations, the focus will move to the Pavilion area where Miami staff and others will be presenting Lean games and projects.

If you have a Lean project that you would like to feature at one of the booths, there is still time to submit your proposal for consideration.

Lean Deliverables Update

November marks the close of the first six months of the Lean year and we would like to share some of this year’s accomplishments:  

  • 85 Projects Completed
  • $5M in Cost Avoidance
  • $2M in Cost Reduction
  • $500,000 in New Revenue

Lean Metrics and MyCard Updates Training

As part of our continuous improvement plan, the Lean Initiatives Office is pleased to present a workshop series being held December 2nd through 5th that will highlight the recent changes to the MyCard Lean Program database that will go into effect on December 9th.  This workshop will also emphasize Kapil Manocha's focus on the tracking and reporting of current state and future state data for Lean projects. 

If you are a part of the Lean program or a leading a Lean project, you should consider attending one of the sessions offered.  The information shared in this workshop will be important as future project completions will require a more focused approach to both current and future state data reporting.