eBid Registration

Suppliers may register their firm on the service. Registration is easy, free, and allows suppliers to be notified when new bid events are issued. Register via Ionwave Supplier Registration.

How to Complete Registration

  1. Complete the Preliminary Info tab of the registration and click Next.
  2. Read the Terms & Conditions and check the box to accept.
    Note: Acceptance of the Terms & Conditions is required to continue.
  3. Complete all required fields and click Save and Next.
  4. On the tab marked Commodity Codes, you may select the commodity that your firm is most closely associated with.
    Note: When this commodity is selected during a bid creation, your firm will received an email notification that a bidding event has been issued.
  5. Click Add or Remove Selections.
  6. Click on all applicable commodity codes, then click Save Selections and then Next.
    Note: At least one commodity code must be selected.
  7. Select all applicable Classifications on the Classifications tab and click Next.
  8. Review all information for accuracy and thoroughness.
    Note: To make corrections, Click edit.
  9. Submit registration.
Your registration will be reviewed and approved by the University. If you do not receive an approval notification within 24 hours, please contact the Office of Strategic Procurement at 513-529-9200.