Will my current profile information be transferred to WhereTo?

Yes, all current Concur profile information was transferred over into WhereTo. When you first log into WhereTo you should verify that information moved over properly. If not please manually enter the missing information into your profile. If you need assistance please feel free to email miamioh@whereto.com for assistance.

How can I access profiles for faculty in Where to?

You can request access to another traveler by going to the drop-down arrow on the upper righthand corner. Then click on My Account > Trip Arranger. Then click on Add another user under Whose Trips can you arrange? Type in the traveler's name and click on Add User. An email will be sent to that user and they will have to give permission for you to be added as an arranger to their profile.

Will unused tickets booked on Concur transfer over to Whereto or Options Travel?

Yes, the unused tickets will show in your WhereTo profile similar to Concur. The process will be the same as in Concur. They will be automatically applied to new bookings when all the fare rules allow and when the reservation is booked within Options Travel standard business hours (8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET).

How are unused tickets used in WhereTo?

They are used the same way as in Concur. When the traveler makes a reservation on the same airline (during standard business hours) the system will send the reservation to a queue where an agent will review the new ticket versus the fare rules of the unused ticket. If all the rules are met then the agent will do an exchange if they are not met the agent will queue the reservation off for standard ticketing.

Will my current reservations be in WhereTo?

No, all your current reservations will still be in viewable in Concur. Any changes or cancellations will need to be done via an Options Travel Agent.

Will my past reservations be in WhereTo?

No, all your past reservations will still be viewable in Concur until the end of this calendar year. Please contact Options Travel after the first of the year if you need copies of any receipts.

What if information is missing from my profile?

Please enter the information manually into your profile.

What if I have any other issues with my profile?

Please contact product support – contact info is listed under Support on this document.

Airline Reservations

What if I find a cheaper flight elsewhere?

Your first point of booking should be to use WhereTo. The majority of times that a lower fare is found it is because either the search criteria needs to be wider in WhereTo or the traveler is not comparing apples to apples. Basic economy fares are blocked from being booked in WhereTo per the University’s direction. There are too many restrictions that apply to these fares and the University does not want these fares to be purchased.

What if I change my search criteria and I still see a lower price?

Please feel free to send a screenshot of the URL along with the exact flights times/dates/cities and the lower price you are finding along with a screenshot of the exact flights/date/times/cities etc to miamioh@whereto.com and ask for it to be researched as to why there was a lower cost flight. The majority of the time it comes down to either Basic Economy or not comparing the same thing.

Do traveler’s frequent traveler status’ allows them better seat assignments at lower or no cost in WhereTo?

Seat assignments

If a traveler has a higher level of status on a carrier they can get seats closer to the front for no additional cost – these can be booked in WhereTo

Purchase of seat assignments

Purchasing of specific seat assignments can’t be done on WhereTo. You can do them directly with the airline or by calling one of our agents, agent fees do apply.

Does WhereTo send reminders for check-in?

No, Where to does not send reminders for check-in. That can be set up directly with the airline via their website.

What if the traveler does not have a University credit card to purchase flights?

Please find a staff member from your department who has a P-Card and use that card.

Can unused tickets be refunded?

The majority of tickets purchased are priced as non-refundable tickets. The amount of non-refundable tickets depends on what type of fares are purchased. If a ticket is booked and canceled within 22 hours of booking a void can be done. If past the 22 hours, most tickets, based on the fare purchased through the airline, will allow the funds to be used for one year from the date of issue minus an airline reissue fee. These tickets are automatically tracked in the traveler's profiles and used automatically if applicable when a new ticket is booked.

Can travelers contact the airlines directly to resolve cancellations and changes?

We recommend calling Options Travel, because changes or cancellations made directly with the airline may not be reflected in Options Travel’s systems/reporting.

What is the process in WhereTo for dealing with canceled flights as well as changed flights?

Same process as Concur, cancellations can be made in WhereTo but changes must be done by calling an Options Travel agent.

Hotel reservations

What if I am going to a conference/convention that offers special pricing via the convention link?

Most conferences and conventions will negotiate special pricing for its attendees. There is no way to get those rates loaded in Options Travel’s booking tools including WhereTo. We ask that you check the pricing in WhereTo first to see if there is a comparable price and if so please book in WhereTo. If the convention/conference pricing is lower you do have permission to book directly on their website for this specific trip.

What if a traveler does not have a credit card for payment of a hotel?

Use a personal credit card and get reimbursed.

What if I find a lower price at the same hotel than on WhereTo?

Non-refundable hotel rates have been turned off per the University’s request. Please make sure you are comparing the same room type and same rule restrictions. If you find you are please contact miamioh@whereto.com with a screenshot of the URL and lower hotel rate along with the screenshot from WhereTo showing the higher rate asking for research to be done. One of the WhereTo support team members will get back to you shortly.

Where is pricing coming from in WhereTo?

Pricing is pulled from multiple sources, including the global distribution system, several hotel consortiums that Options Travel belongs to and pass the savings on to us along with multi-source shopping (ie; Expedia, Priceline, booking.com + several more).

Car Rental

Can a student reserving a car via Enterprise be denied because of their age?

If a student is traveling on University-related travel then the University corporate discount number will be applied to the reservation. The corporate agreement with Enterprise/National has a minimum rental age at most locations for 18 with no additional fee. The minimum age for rentals from Enterprise Rent-a-Car and National Car Rental is 18 years of age for vehicles 9 passengers and under (including the driver). The minimum age for vehicles over 10 passengers (including the driver) and rentals through Enterprise Truck Rental is 21 years of age. All drivers must be either Miami faculty or staff, a Miami student, or a guest on university business. All student drivers renting a 12 passenger van must be at least 21 years of age and have completed an on-line van safety driving course available through the Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Services. Please email vpfinancebusiness@MiamiOH.edu to request van safety training. Be sure to include in the email the name and unique ID of each student requiring training.

In keeping with fiscal responsibility and stewardship of University funds, please reserve the most economical vehicle to meet the business needs of the traveler. 15 passenger van rentals are prohibited under the contract and by Miami University.

What car size can I book?

The most economical car rental that meets the travelers need should always be booked. Please note; reservations should always be made with Enterprise, rental insurance is included in University rates. Always decline the insurance when renting from Enterprise.

What do I do if a traveler does not have a credit card to rent a car?

Please contact Stephen Harbin for instructions on how to book for direct billing.


Who do I contact if I am having issues with Whereto?

System-related support can be reached via miamioh@whereto.com, 866-622-1604 and asking to be transferred to WhereTo support or via the online chat feature in WhereTo.

Travel related support can be reached via 866-622-1604 or the online chat feature in WhereTo.

Groups and Meetings

Will Options Travel book flights, hotel and rental cars for groups of under and over ten (outside of WhereTo)?

Yes, Groups of 10 or more are done through Options Travel groups department. Please use the booking request form.

Groups of less than 10 can be booked by calling one of our agents or the arranger can book all reservations individually via WhereTo or the individual travelers can book themselves via WhereTo.

Can I book travel for family members when I attend a conference?

If there is at least one traveler on University business you can book for yourself and others in WhereTo or by calling one of our agents. In WhereTo you would book yourself and then click on “myself” and change to guest and book the second traveler using a personal credit card. If you want all travelers on the same reservation you will need to call an Options Travel agent to make the reservation. Please remember to always pay for personal guests (family) with your personal credit card.

Service fees

Why do I get charged $18 every time I call Options Travel?

You only get charged the $18 service fee if an airline transaction is ticketed or exchanged. Calling to ask questions, get quotes, book a car or book a hotel is free. This is the same if you were to call most airlines direct to make a reservation, they will you charge you a booking fee as well, cost varies based on airlines but most range between $25-$35.

Where and when do the WhereTo/Options Travel fees show up?

Service fees are charged at the time of booking and will be charged to the credit card that is on file for the traveler.

What are the service fees?

  • WhereTo airline booking - $5.00
  • WhereTo car or hotel booking (this does not apply if you add to an existing reservation): $3.00
  • Agent booked/exchanged airline reservation: $18.00
  • Agent booked/car or hotel: $0.00
  • Call to after-hours: $22.00

How do the after-hours service fees work?

Every call made outside of Options Travel standard business hours (8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET) is a cost of $22 and should be used for emergency purposes only. If an airline transaction is made there is an additional $18 fee per ticket.


When will WhereTo be officially available to all campus staff and faculty as a whole?

October 1, 2019 is the targeted roll-out date for WhereTo – you will be sent a registration email from WhereTo once the rollout is official.

How do I register in WhereTo?

An email will be sent to you from WhereTo with a registration link. You will be required to watch a 3-minute video and at the end of the video, the link will be provided.

Does WhereTo email flight changes and cancellations?

An email will be generated from Options Travel when the reservation is completed. Changes that result in a new transaction will also be emailed from Options Travel. There are no emails generated for cancellations.

How many other travelers can I book travel for?

There is no limit to the number of travelers you can book on behalf of, the traveler will just have to give permission for booking their travel through WhereTo. To request access to book on behalf of someone else: Click on My Account > Trip Arranger. Then click on Add another user under Whose Trips can you arrange? Type in the traveler's name and click on Add User. An email will be sent to that user and they will have to give permission for you to be added as an arranger to their profile.

How do I set someone else up to book to book travel for me?

Click on My Account > Trip Arranger. Then click on Add another user under Who can arrange your trips?

Can personal/leisure travel be booked on WhereTo?

No, personal travel is not allowed on WhereTo.

Can I use my personal credit card to book travel?

No, a University card must be used.

How do I book student, speaker or guest travel on WhereTo?

The guest feature can be used to book University travel for someone who does not have a profile. This is done by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to “Myself” and clicking on Guest.

Can faculty and staff book family members to join them on their trips?

This can be done one of two ways:

  1. WhereTo – the staff member would book themselves and then create another reservation using the guest feature
  2. Agents – if you want both travelers on the same reservation, which is the case in most circumstances, due to schedule changes, seating preferences and re-accommodations one of our agents would have to be contacted to make the reservation.

Can I use a different credit card for my family member attending a conference with me?

Yes, In WhereTo you would enter the new credit card in the booking process using the Guest feature. Click on “myself” and change to Guest. If you call into an agent just let the agent know there are two different forms of payment.

What if I have University travel and personal travel combined in the same trip?

We recommend calling an Options Travel agent for this type of reservation. Ask the agent to send you a quote of what the price would be for the University travel dates only, then ask them to send you a quote of what the price would be for the University travel dates plus your personal travel dates combined. You would be responsible for the difference if the cost is higher due to personal travel.