Senior Theses 2012

Jake del Valle (Adviser: Prof. Charles Moul)

“Influence of the Dating Market on Reproductive Choices”

Abstract: This paper analyzes fertility decisions, the abortion and conception rate, made by females based on the effects of the dating market at the county level. The variable of importance, the sex ratio or the number of males per single female in a given county, affects males’ marry or flee decision after pregnancy based on their potential prospects in the dating market. Females, factoring in the decision of said male, focus on birthing decision; either keeping or aborting the pregnancy. The sex ratio negatively impacts the abortion rate, but not the conception rate; as the sex ratio raises, the abortion rate declines. Further analysis reveals that abortions are a normal good for the lower 85th percentile of the sex ratio, but an inferior good for the top 15th percentile when per capita income is held constant. This relationship has not been discussed in previous papers, but is necessary for future explorations into abortion determinants.

Clark Johns (Adviser: Prof. John Bowblis)

“The Effect of Background Check Type on Crime Rates”