Dr. Jim Friedman working with students at Cintrifuse
Student writing on sticky note on classroom wall
 Students listening to Dr. Tim Holcomb lecture
 Sticky notes covering David Eyman's office walls
 Executive talking to participants and other executives at Startup Pitch Competition

In addition to its co-major and minor, the department of entrepreneurship has three certificate programs: Startup Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, and Creativity and Innovation.

The Creativity Entrepreneurship Certificate brings together students from all schools on campus and is focused on using creativity in every day life and developing creative individuals. It is a suite of tools, teachings, mindsets and experiences for understanding how Creativity & Innovation impact our world and what resources and business principles are needed to foster successful creativity & innovation practices. This certificate program prepares students for intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial employment and/or further study in Applied Creativity. It is for students interested in gaining knowledge and a level of expertise in entrepreneurial mindsets, creative problem solving and innovative solutions. 

The Social Entrepreneurship Certificate is a multidisciplinary program made up of students from across campus who want to develop expertise on how Entrepreneurial practices can help address societal problems. The Certificate program prepares students to recognize opportunities to create viable, sustainable social solutions to big problems in fields ranging from economic development, sustainable resources, crime, poverty and healthcare. This certificate program prepares students for employment and/or further study in Social Enterprise. The Certificate provides a framework for understanding entrepreneurship from a variety of disciplines and application of entrepreneurial skill sets to meet societal and workplace demands. It is for all students interested in gaining knowledge and a level of expertise in entrepreneurial mindsets, cultural awareness and collaborative problem-solving.   

The Startup Entrepreneurship Certificate is all about overcoming challenges and solving problems. Startup businesses operate with limited resources and capacity. At the department of Entrepreneurship, we teach students by immersing them in experiences like this to better understand how to add value and make a difference in those communities. Whether you start a new venture, constantly seek opportunities, or want to add value in a fast-paced high impact environment, the StartUp Entrepreneurship Certificate is designed to build and train the growing entrepreneurial workforce.