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Where have previous FYIC students interned?

Previous FYIC students have received internships at a variety of places. Many of our students were freshmen when they received their internships. Internship examples include Avery Dennison, Merrill Lynch, IBM, Roush, SC Johnson and Sons, Johnson & Johnson, and CNN.

How many credits is the program?

The First-Year Integrated Core consists of four, 2 credit hour courses for a total of 8 credit hours.

Why these four classes?

The First-Year Integrated Core is comprised of four integrated classes:

  • BUS 101: Foundations of Business
  • BUS 102: Foundations of Business Communication
  • ESP 103: Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • BUS 104: Introduction to Computational Thinking for Business
These four classes are designed to help our students build key skills, such as critical thinking, creative thinking, ethical thinking, communication, and collaboration, that they can take with them into the workplace.

Can I drop a course from the FYIC?

You cannot drop just one of the four integrated classes. Because the four classes are integrated, and they all culminate at the end of the semester with the same client challenge team presentation, you cannot take any one course separate from the others. If you decide that you need to drop a class, you will need to drop all four First-Year Integrated Core classes. Please see your advisor. 

What happens if I fail one course?

If you fail just one of the four courses within the First-Year Integrated Core, you will need to take all four classes over again. But, please note, if you retake the four FYIC courses, you can only replace two of your four grades. 

Who can I contact with questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns about the curriculum or classes within the curriculum, you are more than welcome to contact the Director of the First-Year Integrated Core, Dr. Becky Crews, at or at (513) 529-3974. You can also visit Our Faculty page to contact any of the team leads or faculty for any of the four courses. 

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