Students smiling and laughing during Strategy Works presentation
 Jan Taylor instructs students about marketing
 A binder shows Strategy Works branding plans for Harman Audio
 Students watch teams present their final projects

With a minor in marketing, students can complement their major area of interest with an important set of skills that will give them insight into the external functions of business.  Students who have a background in marketing will have an idea of what it means to work as a team member and will be able to help companies become more prominent players in the changing atmosphere of our society.

On top of broadening worldviews, the minor in marketing will give students an opportunity to  gain an appreciation of what it takes to be successful in the modern business environment and in contemporary markets. This appreciation will make students better business practitioners and citizens no matter where they go or what they do with their careers.

The requirements for the Marketing Minor can be found on the FSB Advising website. 

Application for Marketing Minor is available beginning 11/15/2019. Applications are due 12/13/2019. Students will be notified of acceptance or not by 01/15/2020.
Please follow the directions carefully and make note of eligibility to apply.  Apply here.