Passport Bootcamp

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Welcome to Passport!

This pre-semester bootcamp is only open to Passport students who have enrolled in the program. There is no cost to the student to attend the camp. All housing, dining and activities are all covered by the Passport Program. Parent/guardian bringing their student on the first day (move-in) of the bootcamp will have Welcome Lunch expenses covered by the program.


Sunday, August 15 - Wednesday, August 18

Goals for the Passport Bootcamp

Gain a competitive advantage!

  • Create a network of current FSB students (Passport Ambassadors)
  • Develop and define your personal brand
  • Create a successful network with faculty, staff, peers
  • Develop internship/career acumen
  • Develop success strategies to ease transition from high school to college
  • Build sense of community and belonging (peers, staff, faculty)
  • Increase knowledge of campus resources and support services

Featured Activities at Passport Bootcamp

At the Passport Bootcamp, you will:

  • Meet Passport Student Ambassadors - Panel discussion on how to succeed in college
  • Obtain advice on professional etiquette (includes etiquette dinner and communication tips)
  • Connect and network with key influencers on campus: faculty members, administrators, and staff: FSB Careers, Deans, and faculty from First Year Integrated Core (FYIC)
  • Explore exciting opportunities in 40+ FSB Student Organizations. (hint: employers source talent through organizations)
  • Identify and leverage strengths through CliftonStrengths Assessment tool…take your talents to the next level!
  • Connect with your personal FSB Academic Advisor on class scheduling, degree completion, and time management
  • Take a tour of the state-of-the-art Farmer School of Business and Miami campus