Xiang Fang

Associate Professor

Information Systems & Analytics


Academic Background

  • Ph.D. University of Kentucky, Business Administration-MIS, 2001
  • M.B.A. University of Wisconsin, MIS focus, 1997
  • M.E. HIT, Harbin, China, Master of Engineering (Engineering Management), 1986
  • B.E. HIC, Harbin, China, Mechanical Engineering, 1982

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Associate Professer, Miami University (2006–Present)
  • Assistant professor, Miami University (2001–2006).
  • Instructor, University of Kentucky (1997–2001).
  • Graduate Assistant, University of Wisconsin (1994–1997).
  • Lecturer, Nanjing University of Science & Technology (1985–1993).
  • Engineer, WuChang Vehicle Corporation (1982–1983).

Recent Publications

  • H. Lei, X. Fang, Rajkumar, T.M, and Holsapple, C. "Recovering Troubled IT Projects: The Roles of Transformational Leadership and Project Complexity”(under review, 2020), Information Systems Frontier.
  • X. Fang, Rajkumar, T.M, and Havelka, D. "The Impact of Leadership on the Recovery of Troubled Projects" (under the second round review, 2020), European Journal of Information Systems.
  • X. Fang, Rajkumar, T.M, Sena, M, and Holsapple, C. "National Culture, Online Medium Type, and First Impression Bias", Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, Published online: 13 Jan 2020.
  • X. Fang, Rajkumar, T.M., & Sena, M, "The Effects of National Culture Dimensions and Online Medium Type on Decision Confidence: a Study based on US and China",   Issues in Information Systems, V20, I2, pp. 105-116, 2019.
  • X. Fang and Lee, S (2016), "Comparative Empirical Analysis on Computer Software Piracy Behaviors between China and the United States: An Exploratory Study", Journal of International Technology and Information Management, Vol. 25, No. 2, pp. 47-66.
  • X. Fang., Lederer, A.L.and Benamati, J.H. (2015) "The Influence of National Culture on IT Development, Implementation and Support Challenges in China and the U.S.", Journal of Global Information Technology Management, Vol 19, No. 1, pp 26-43.
  • X. Fang and Lee, S. (2014) "Empirical Analysis of Software Piracy in Asia (Japan VS. Vietnam): An Exploratory Study", International Journal of Information Security and Privacy (IJISP), Vol 8, No. 2, pp. 33-54.
  • X. Fang and T.M. Rajkumar (2013), "The Role of National Culture and Multimedia on First Impression Bias Reduction," IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, Vol. 56, No. 4, pp. 354-371.
  • X. Fang, Skip Benamarti, and Albert Lederer (Sep 2011) "Coping with Rapid Information Technology Change in Different National Cultures", European Journal of Information Systems, 20, pp. 560-573.
  • Fang, X. & Holsapple, C. (2009), "The Impact of Web Site Navigation Structure, Task Complexity, and User Domain Knowledge Level on Web Site Usability--An Empirical Study", Online First™, 22 January 2010. Information Systems Frontiers.
  • Fang, X. & Lee, S. (2008), "Perception Gaps about Skills Requirement for Entry-Level IS Professionals between Recruiters and Students: An Exploratory Study". Information Resources Management Journal, 21(3), pp. 39-63.

Honors & Awards

  • 2006: Farmer School of Business, R. K. Smucker Teaching Award.
  • 2003: Outstanding Service and Dedication to the Students of Miami University Award, Phi Kappa Tau, Delta Delta Delta.
  • 2003: Best Paper Award, International Applied Business Research Conference.

Professional Interests

  • Research: Electronic Commerce, Web-Based Systems, Knowledge Management Technology, Decision Support Systems, Programming Methodology, MIS Undergraduate Job Placement
  • Teaching: Electronic Commerce, Data Communication and Networking, Database Management Systems, System Analysis & Design, Programming Languages

Areas of Expertise

  • Knowledge acquisition
  • Management information systems
  • Management information systems education
  • Website design
  • e-Commerce


Xiang Fang is an Associate Professor at the Farmer School of Business, Miami University. He received his Ph.D. in Business from the University of Kentucky. His research interests include Web site design, e-commerce, and cross cultural studies in IS.


  • ISA 281 A 10:05-11:25 MW FSB 2050
  • ISA 281 B 11:40-1 MW FSB 2050
Xiang Fang

Contact Information

Office Hours

  • MW 4:30-5:40


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