Peter Nguyen

Assistant Professor



Academic Background

  • Ph.D., Marketing, Ivey Business School, Western University, 2019
  • M.Sc., Neuroscience, Western University, 2013
  • B.Sc., Psychology & Medical Sciences, Western University, 2011

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor, Miami University, 2019-Present
  • Instructor, Western University, 2018-2019

Recent Publications

  • Nguyen, Peter, Xin (Shane) Wang, Xi Li, and June Cotte (2021), "Reviewing Experts' Restraint from Extremes and its Impact on Service Providers", Journal of Consumer Research, 47 (5), 654-74.

Honors & Awards

  • AMA Relationship Marketing Special Interest Group (RM SIG) Research Grant, 2021
  • AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium 2018 in Leeds, UK
  • Nominated Best Paper Award at the 11th European ACR 2018 in Ghent, Belgium
  • Runner Up Poster Award at 5th Empirical and Theoretical Symposium 2017 in Montreal, Canada
  • Doctoral Excellence Research 2017, $5,000
  • Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship 2014-2017, $105,000
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) 2014, $15,000


Peter Nguyen is an Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Farmer School of Business at Miami University in Ohio, USA. Dr. Nguyen's research focuses on the application of machine learning algorithms to unstructured data (e.g., interview transcripts, social media posts) to uncover marketing insights and provide managerial recommendations. His research approach is multi-method; he combines empirical modeling of real-world data with behavioral experiments in order to rigorously test postulated hypotheses and draw well-substantiated conclusions. His research topics of interest include online word-of-mouth, mobile marketing, and customer defection.

Dr. Nguyen received his PhD in Marketing in 2019 from the Ivey Business School, Western University, Canada. He is an alumnus recipient of the prestigious Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship and his research was nominated Best Paper Award at the 2018 European Association for Consumer Research conference. His research has been published in the Journal of Consumer Research and Cognition. Dr. Nguyen also holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Medical Sciences and a Master of Science in Neuroscience--both from Western University, Canada.

At Miami University, Dr. Nguyen teaches marketing analytics. One of the most notable components of his class, as raved by many of his past students, is the final text mining project. In the final unit, the undergraduate students learn how to scrape data from various social media platforms--including Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube. Complementing this skill, students learn various basic computational text analysis techniques--including n-gram frequencies, sentiment analyses, and word-association networks. These skills enable students to uncover marketing insights and develop a marketing strategy for the focal firm based on real-time social media data. In the final text mining project, students collect and analyze social media data on a focal firm from start to finish, with the project culminating in a final presentation. Dr. Nguyen is an extremely passionate teacher; he brings a lot energy to the classroom setting and is constantly integrating mainstream content into his class as to help students concretize complex analytics concepts.

When he is not researching or teaching, you will find Nguyen running long distances along the Ohio River, snowboarding down mountains in Colorado, or working on mastering his newfound sport of pickleball--it's a hybrid of tennis and table tennis, and is the world's fastest growing sport!


  • FALL 2021
  • MKT335 B TR 2:50PM-4:10PM FSB0028
  • MKT335 C TR 4:25PM-5:45PM FSB0028
Peter Nguyen

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  • Fall 2021
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