Matthew Schwieterman

Assistant Professor



Academic Background

  • Assistant Professor Supply Chain Management 2015-2019 Michigan State University, Eli Broad College of Business
  • Ph.D. Business Administration Logistics June 2015 The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business
  • MS The Ohio State University January 2013
  • BS Supply Chain Management and Management & Organizations May 2009 Miami University, Farmer School of Business

Recent Publications

  • Schwieterman, M.A., Miller, J.W., Knemeyer, A. M., and Croxton, K.L., (2020). “Do Supply Chain Exemplars Have More or Less Dependent Suppliers?” Journal of Business Logistics 41(2): 149-173.
  • Peinkofer, S.T., Schwieterman, M.A., & Miller, J.W. (2020). “Last Mile Delivery in the Motor Carrier Industry: A Panel Data Investigation Using Discrete Time Event History Analysis.” Transportation Journal 59(2): 129-164.
  • Miller, J. W., Bolumole, Y. & Schwieterman, M. A. (2020). Electronic Logging Device Compliance of Small and Medium Size Motor Carriers Prior to the December 18, 2017, Mandate. Journal of Business Logistics 41(1): 67-85.
  • Enz, M., Schwieterman, M.A., & Lambert, D.M. (2019) “Stock Keeping Unit Rationalization: A Cross-functional, Cross-firm Perspective.” International Journal of Logistics Management 30(4): 994-1015.
  • Muir, W., Miller, J. W., Griffis, S. E., Bolumole, Y., & Schwieterman, M. (2019). “Strategic Purity and Efficiency in the Motor Carrier Industry: A Multi-Year Panel Investigation.” Journal of Business Logistics 40(3): 204-228.
  • Jones, A., Griffis, S.E., Schwieterman, M.A., & Daugherty, P.J. (2019) “Examining the Impact of Shipping Charge Fairness on Consumer Satisfaction and Behavior.” Transportation Journal 58(2): 101-125. * 2018/2019 TJ Best Paper Award Recipient
  • Schwieterman, M. A., Goldsby, T. J., Rungtusanatham, M. J., & Knemeyer, A. M. (2018). “Supply Chain Portfolio Characteristics: Do They Relate to Post-IPO Financial Performance?” Transportation Journal 57(4): 429-463.
  • Schwieterman, M.A, Goldsby, T.J., & Croxton, K.L. (2018). “Customer and Supplier Portfolios: Can Credit Risks be Managed Through the Supply Chain?” Journal of Business Logistics 39(2): 123-137. *2018 JBL LaLonde Best Paper Award Recipient
  • Miller, J.W., Schwieterman, M.A., & Bolumole, Y. (2018). “Effects of Motor Carriers’ Growth or Contraction on Safety: A Multi-Year Panel Analysis.” Journal of Business Logistics (39(2): 138-156.
  • Schwieterman, M.A, Goldsby, T., & Knemeyer, A.M. (2017). “Advocating Customer and Supplier Portfolios in Supply Chain Research: A Systematic Literature Review and Research Agenda.” Transportation Journal 56(4): 429-476.
  • Daugherty, P.J., Bolumole, Y., & Schwieterman, M. (2017). “Logistics Research: What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been.” Transportation Journal 56(3): 213-226.



Dr. Matt Schwieterman is an Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management at Miami University. He completed his Ph.D. in Business Administration at Ohio State University. Prior to Joining Miami University, he was an Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University. His primary research interests include customer and supplier portfolio structure, and firm growth/diversification. He has published in the Journal of Business Logistics, Transportation Journal, as well as a number of other academic journals. Before his academic career, he held various positions with Chep USA in operations management.


Matthew Schwieterman

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