Courses and Requirements

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Farmer School of Business study abroad programs are open to students of all majors at Miami who meet the prerequisites. 

Fall Semester Expectations:

During the semester prior to departure, there will be mandatory pre-departure meetings. These meetings will address program details, visa application requirements, course registration, roommate preferences, important dates, and tips for success.

Program Curriculum:

Students will take:

  • TWO (2) of the following three pre-approved business courses are required to be taken at the Ramon Llull Institut Químic de Sarrià (IQS) School of Management (Fulfills the Miami Plan Global Requirement)
    • Business Finance (FIN 301) (titled FI 53155 Introduction to Business Finance at IQS)
      • Prereqs: ACC 221 and ECO 201 or permission of FSB Global Studies
    • Marketing (MKT 291) (titled MK 53051 Introduction to Marketing at IQS)
      • Prereq: ECO 201
    • Organizational Behavior (MGT 291) (titled MG 53009 Organizational Behavior at IQS)
  • Non-business electives
    • Required Spanish language course (based on placement test)
    • Choice of two area studies/culture courses (click on "Academics", then "courses")
        • Participants must select from courses offered by IES.  Courses offered by IES’s partner institutions in Barcelona are not open to FSB students on this program.


If students have already completed 2 or more of the business core courses (MGT 291/MKT 291/FIN 301) they may have the opportunity to take advanced business courses. Admission to these courses is contingent upon space and is given on a case-by-case basis. Contact FSB Global Studies to discuss.

          • MKT 425 fulfilled by IES course IB 350 – International Marketing: a European Approach
          • MKT 490 fulfilled by IES course IB 320 – Strategic Management
          • FIN 417 fulfilled by IES course IB/FI 355 – International Finance Management
          • MGT 304 fulfilled by IES course MG 345 – Management Across Borders
          • ECO Elective fulfilled by any of the following:
            • EC341 The Economic Effects of Spain’s EU Membership
            • EC342 European Regional Economics
  • For information about SPN course equivalencies for the SPN minor, please email