FSB Study Abroad For Non-Business Majors

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Farmer School of Business (FSB) Study Abroad Programs are open to students of all majors at Miami who meet the prerequisites. Below is information about courses and financial aid for non-business majors on FSB programs. Courses, locations, and fees vary depending on the program; more information can be found on the individual program pages. 

For additional questions about program offerings and requirements, please email the FSB Global Studies office at fsbint@miamioh.edu.

Course Options for Non-Business Students on FSB Programs: 

FSB Barcelona

Non-business students are expected to take 2 business courses through our partner school, IQS, while on the FSB Barcelona program. You will select two courses from the following:

  • MGT 111: Introduction to Business
  • MGT 291: Organizational Behavior
  • MKT 291: Marketing
  • FIN 301: Business Finance
FSB Budapest

Students will enroll for courses at Corvinus University and can elect to take business or non-business courses (generally 1-2 business courses at most). Most often, students will take 1-2 business courses, and 2-3 non-business options (including the required Hungarian language course). It may be possible to elect to take all non-business courses.


Most courses offered on this program are business courses. Non-business students are expected to select four courses from those that are listed on the Course Planning Form.

FSB London

All students are expected to take 1 business course through the City University of London. All other courses are taken through the IES center and non-business courses can be selected.

FSB Maastricht

All students will take non-business courses, including the Dutch language (required), through CES and additional courses through the Maastricht University. It may be possible to elect to take all non-business courses.

Winter & Summer

Non-business students can participate in FSB winter and summer programs. All students must meet the program requirements, including prerequisites. For programs with high application numbers, FSB students are given admission preference. For information about specific program prerequisites and courses, visit the program website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to take business courses?

Most FSB study abroad programs require business courses. The specific course requirements depend on the program. All winter and summer programs only offer business courses. Semester terms vary; visit specific program websites to view course information.

Which program is the best fit for non-business majors?

This depends! If you have a business minor or a major that requires certain business courses, we can work with you to determine the best-fit program. You should schedule an appointment with Emily Akil, Assistant Director of Global Business Programs through Navigate under "FSB - Global Programs - 1038” to discuss course options and availability.

Can I use my Miami scholarships on FSB programs?

Yes! All FSB programs are Miami programs, meaning your financial aid is applied to tuition and fees the same way it is during the academic year. Most financial aid and scholarships are specific to semester programs; keep this in mind when planning for study abroad.

Are non-business students eligible for FSB scholarships?

The majority of FSB scholarships are only available to business majors. There are scholarship opportunities outside of the FSB and limited funding may be available for non-business majors for certain programs.