Courses and Requirements

Montage of images from London and Italy experiences

The Global Studies programs through the Farmer School of Business are open to all majors at Miami who meet the prerequisites. Students participating in this program will take MGT 302 and BUS 420.


2.5 GPA by August 2019 ISA 205ISA 225STA 261STA 301 or STA 368 AND 28 earned hours by December 2019. Please note that priority will be given to business majors and rising seniors for this program.  Students must be at least 18 years old by the program departure date.  

First Semester Expectations

During first semester there will be pre-departure meetings that require mandatory attendance. These meetings will address some course work as well as travel and cultural preparation.

Courses Offered

MGT 302: Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management (3 credit hours)

Taught by: Dr. Bryan Ashenbaum

Identification, understanding, analysis, application, and measurement of basic issues encountered in the creation of goods and services for a given firm as well as the strategic and tactical relationships between firms that participate in an effective supply chain. Problems examined through use of cases, lectures, discussions, and computer-based approaches such as simulation, spreadsheets, and problem-solving software.

BUS 420: FSB International Studies Programs (3 credit hours)     

Taught by: Dr. Bryan Ashenbaum

The class provides an introduction to the history, culture, geography, business environment, economy, and language of the places FSB students will travel during their summer international experience. Portions of the class are in Oxford prior to departure, and portions are held in the country of the program.