Courses and Requirements

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The International Programs through the Farmer School of Business are open to all majors at Miami who meet the prerequisites.  Students participating in this program will take ECO 356 (3 credit hours) and BUS 373 (3 credit hours). 


ECO 201 and 202, 45 earned hours by December 2019 and a 2.50 GPA by August 2019. Please note that priority will be given to business majors and rising seniors for this program.  Students must be at least 18 years old by the program departure date. 

First Semester Expectations

During the fall semester there will be mandatory pre-departure meetings. These meetings will include some course work as well as travel and cultural preparation.

Courses Offered

ECO 356: Poverty & Income Distribution (3 credit hours) 

Taught by: Dr. Janice Kinghorn

Prerequisites:  ECO 201 and 202

Application of economic analysis to poverty, income inequality, and factor shares. Discussion of determinants of earnings, including education, ability, and discrimination. Analysis of efficiency and costs of programs to reduce poverty, such as minimum wages, cash transfers, and in-kind transfers.

BUS 373: International Business in Southeast Asia (3 credit hours)

Taught by: Dr. Monticha Sompolvorachai

Survey of the interrelationships of world business operations; an introduction to current conceptual perspectives; cultural, political/legal and economic constraints, the international financial and trade frameworks, and the problems, challenges, and opportunities facing the multinational corporation in a particular country or region of the world.