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Tuition and fees are set by Miami University's Bursar Office. Non-academic program fees include full airfare from U.S. hub and all transfers, housing accommodations, some meals, airport pick-up and transfer, guides, entrance fees and excursions.

Please Note: Students are responsible for medical insurance as required by Miami University and personal expenses, as noted below.

Fees Paid to Miami: $8,943.58 (In-State) $11,312.62 (Out-of-State)

Non-academic Fees: $5,415

  • Air Transportation - $2,600
  • Housing - $1,900
  • Meals - $400
  • Field Trips and tours - $515

Non-academic fees are due in two installments.

  1. $2,000 non-refundable deposit due within two weeks of acceptance
  2. $3,415 due by August 1, 2019. This balance is non-refundable after August 1, 2019

Academic Fees

  • Non-refundable administrative fee: $175
  • In-State Fee: $3,353.58
  • Out-of-State Fee: $5,722.62
  • Tuition will be billed through the bursar about a month prior to program start date.

Estimated Personal Expenses: $1,348

  • Non-program meals - $600
  • Books, reading material - $200
  • GeoBlue Insurance - $48
  • Miscellaneous fees - $500

Expenses will vary according to level of personal spending. This expense will include personal shopping and other personal spending/expenses. We strongly recommend that you plan to take enough money in order to enjoy your experience comfortably. In addition, an emergency source of funds, such as a credit card, should be arranged for in case of difficulties