Congratulations, Gamma Gamma!

May 2017

Elizabeth Jenike

This year, the members of the Miami chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon brought home a number of honors and awards at the national convention.

Among their accomplishments, the Gamma Gamma chapter of the business fraternity took home numerous first- and second-place awards at the convention - which took place April 18-22, 2017 in St. Louis, Missouri. They also received the Sustained Excellence Award, which according to the PSE press release recognizes chapters who remain amongst the top-tier chapters three years or more in a row.

Check out all of these awards and honors garnered by the Gamma Gamma team:

  • 1st place Top Marketing/Sales-Client sponsored by Vector Marketing
  • 2nd place Top Management Team
  • 2nd place Top Marketing Research
  • 2nd place Top Project Manager sponsored by Enterprise won by Sam Wilkes
  • 2nd place Top Social Media Strategy
  • Top Faculty Advisor sponsored by Vector Marketing won by Patrick Lindsay
  • Enterprise Scholarship won by Chase Bettner
  • Debbie Khalil Memorial Scholarship won by Nathaniel Anneken
  • Penske Scholarship won by Blake Cortez
  • Trenton Haack Memorial Scholarship won by Amy Berg
  • Future Leader Scholarship won by Blake Cortez

Of course, within these awards is the Aspire rebranding research project, which received second place honors in the Top Marketing Research category. The project manager associated with that undertaking, Sam Wilkes, won second place in his separate category as well.

The Future Leader Scholarship won by Blake Cortez is an especially exciting prize. This scholarship is given to freshman and sophomore members of PSE who demonstrate the potential to become great future leaders of their chapters and of PSE. He received free registration to the national convention and a $100 travel stipend.

This laudatory recognition of the Farmer School’s PSE chapter is exemplary of all the perseverance and hard work our students are capable of, and we’re extremely proud of their accomplishments. Congratulations, Gamma Gamma!