Bold Move Pays Off for Student

November 2017

When Akosua Boadi-Agyemang, a junior accountancy major and FSB honors student, was having difficulty securing an internship for this summer, she turned to LinkedIn for a solution.

She posted: I have applied, emailed, cold emailed, networked, attended multiple events. So now I will put to use this amazing platform for one of its true purposes " connecting people - talented people to people seeking talent, in hope I get connected to someone looking for someone like myself. Thank you Jeff Weiner for this amazing platform. -Hi all, I am a junior. I am looking for an internship in the fields of accounting/finance. If you’re hiring/know someone hiring " I’m looking. Let’s connect! I appreciate all the efforts! Thank you very much. I was always told to be “BOLD.” Hopefully someday it helps me reach my goals.

As Akosua explains, “With more caps on H1-B work visas for companies, it can be hard being an international student seeking these opportunities. Therefore, I had to think outside of the box. I thought being direct and asking for summer 2018 internship opportunities was the right way to go and something we don’t see often on LinkedIn. That is what I did, but in so doing, I tagged LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, thanking him for a platform that gives me the opportunity to not only search for opportunities but to also connect with various people. Did I expect him to comment? No. He has more than seven million followers. I was the literal definition of “one in a million” in this case I was one in seven plus million. By commenting on my post, he has drawn so many people to my page. I cannot thank him enough for that.

Jeff Weiner’s reply: Akosua, nice job with your profile (and update). Would be surprised if something doesn’t materialize.

Akosua continued, “That is the power of networking, and it’s interesting to see it at work and experience it firsthand. I’m also grateful to the plethora of people reaching out to help me and those encouraging me and wishing me success - it’s beyond amazing. I never once expected that to happen. I encourage more people - sometimes you must be “BOLD” and show up for yourself. With grace and poise - never sacrifice who you are. Be yourself! The right opportunities will come, but you must also be bold enough to work hard and seek them.”

Akosua has been inundated with replies from individuals and companies, including Blackrock, KPMG, Johnson Control, T Mobile and TechData, with words of encouragement and internship offers, and is currently sorting through them to find the perfect fit.

Akosua Boadi-Agyemang